Deployment of the national project at the enterprise "Uva-milk"

Since November 29, 2022, our company, the flagship production site Uva-Moloko, has been included in the National Project to increase labor productivity.
The purpose of this project is to increase the efficiency of production and the entire enterprise as a whole. For the Uva-Moloko plant, this is a great opportunity to become more competitive in today's changing market, which in turn is a guarantee of stability for each employee.
Flexibility and stability, the ability to adapt to customer requirements and quickly respond to market changes, efficiency in the use of material, time and human resources are the main requirements for modern production, regardless of its scale. The implementation of the project to increase labor productivity is our response to modern market challenges.
The production of semi-hard cheeses was chosen as a pilot production flow for creating a sample site.
At the selected site, the employees of our enterprise, together with experts from the RCC Regional Competence Center for Labor Productivity in the Udmurt Republic (, will optimize the current production process: map the flow (graphically display its current state and target state), identify problem areas and find solutions to fix them, time them and implement improvements.
In the future, the results achieved at the reference site will be broadcast to other divisions of the plant.
A working group was formed to implement the project. It included the Deputy for Development and Modernization of Production S.V. Evstigneev, financial director O.A. Neustroeva, head of production E.S. Pastukhov, head of the personnel department O.A. Kochurova and quality management system inspector V.V. Geipel. The productivity improvement project is a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge that can be used to cascade changes and improve production processes in the future.

Each employee of the enterprise involved in the process of change brings an invaluable contribution to the stable future of Uva-Moloko and the group of companies.