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The team of MLK Group employees unanimously determined the formula for the company's success at the team building in Nechkino

Four teams, accompanied by the curators of the Territory of Management agency, completed 12 tasks, creative and sporty, unexpected and interesting. What the participants did not have to experience: build towers of cubes with the help of ropes, turn over the “raft” without leaving it, build stable castles from straws for cocktails, silently collect words from cubes with letters, compose poems and slogans about the company, draw corporate pictures . For each task, employees received letters - elements of the formula for success. Ambitious, purposeful, active, organized, friendly, hardworking, super responsible, professionals - these are the results of joint tests and determinations that have formed the formula for the success of the MLK Group team! Colleagues once again proved their ingenuity and the effectiveness of teamwork in any test.
Bright positive pictures, poems about the company and slogans, invented by the employees at the team building, became a nice bonus, adding to the collection of ideas for the development of corporate life and promotion of the company in the future.


On July 22, the teams of MLK Group employees unanimously determined the formula for the company's success at the team building in Nechkino.

Team building is a whole area of actions and events aimed at strengthening intra-collective relationships to build an effective team. The correct construction of professional communications within the team is the key to productive cooperation between employees of all departments of the company, and there are many of them today, these are two management offices - in Izhevsk and Moscow and several production sites in different regions.

Over the past three years, Uva-Moloko has grown into the MLK Group. Therefore, the management was interested in rallying the team on one site, introducing it to the new structure, giving an idea about the new production sites and plans for the development of the Group, establishing communication links and building a favorable atmosphere for productive cooperation. It was for this purpose that a team building with a presentation about the company was organized, which was held on July 22 at the Nechkino recreation center.

He brought together the employees of the Izhevsk office and the production of Uva-Moloko, these are people who are responsible for the sale and sale of products and those who are related to direct production, production technology and quality.

Variants of SLOGANS born of team creativity:

"MLK Group - taking care of your health!"
"We make the world a better place"
“You better drink milk, be healthy and don’t get sick!”
"Decent quality at an affordable price"
“We are a dairy family – there will be a lot of milk!”
“Delicious porridge if the oil is ours”
“Only in our kefir the most useful sticks”
“Cheese is the head of everything!”
"We are for healthy and natural nutrition"
"MLK on guard of milk"
"Export with a bang - we are in MLK"
"In the best family tradition"

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